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Jemma Voce Micropigmentation Artist

Creating Beauty across North Wales and Cheshire since 2002.

Jemma Voce is a qualified micropigmentation artist based in Llandudno, North Wales and Chester. Jemma’s Salon, Aspire Health and Beauty has been attracting clients from across Wales and Cheshire for over 13 years. Jemma works with the premium quality pigments and equipment from leading permanent makeup companies which perfectly complements the high quality and unmistakable artistry of Jemma’s work. She completed an intense conversion course with Goldeneye, as well as masterclasses with some of the best technicians in the UK.

As a seasoned health and beauty professional, Jemma is always developing her extensive micropigmentation skills and technical expertise and as such has completed a range of related courses and master classes with several big permanent makeup companies.


Who is a candidate for Micropigmentation? Every woman!

Still a well kept Hollywood secret, “Micropigmentation” is simply a method of implanting pigment into the dermal layer of the skin. The results look just as perfectly applied make-up, which can range from soft and subtle to crisp and very well defined, as each colour is custom blended to the customers requirements. In under an hour of treatment you can have stunning water and smudge proof eyeliner, lip liner, full lipstick colour or brow imitation that will last from 1 -2 years before a touch up is required.

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